WAKEFOIL Original Complete Package

    Elevate Your Ride

    The WAKEFOIL® Original Complete Package is everything you need to change the game and Elevate Your Ride this summer! It is the ultimate package for anyone interested in learning to hydrofoil behind the boat as it has been expertly designed with the beginner in mind. Its performance versatility allows the rider to be towed at length at higher speeds or learn to surf the wake at lower speeds. Its thin wood core profile is designed to easily sink beneath the rider and allow them to engage the foil quickly and easily. The Original low aspect wing set and aluminum alloy fuselage provide the strength and durability you need to get out there and learn to get lifted with confidence.

    Price: $1,199

    Tech Specs

    Features + Benefits



    • The sleek low volume profile core enhances the aerodynamics of the foil system, allowing the rider to easily sink the foil beneath the water and engage lift. The directional rocker shape of this board enhances the ease of lift off by providing upward flair on the rails and added surface area in the nose. This nose allows you to float effortlessly on the water as you begin to engage the foil. The spoon like shape of the nose is designed to deter the board from pearling under the water, rather providing a soft landing when returning to the surface.


      • SDirectional Rocker with added surface area in the nose
      • Bolt Through Foil Mounting System
      • o6” spread M6 inserts


    • Length: 139 cm // 54.7″
    • Width: 42.9cm // 16.8”
    • Rocker: 8.5 N/3.5 cm T // 3.4″ N/1.4″ T
    • Construction: Full Wood Profiled Core
    • Lightweight Biax Glass Layup oLF Exclusive Liquid Rail
    Low Aspect Wings-


    • The low aspect wing set offers the perfect surface area to lift profile for easy entry up onto the foil at low to mid glide speeds while also performing well at higher speeds for towed riding and tricks. This construction is easy to use and highly durable. This wing set will easily get you up on the foil and high in the sky in no time.


    • Lowest Lift Coefficient- 8mph
    • Highest Lift Coefficient- 22mph
    • Compatible with SS series fuselage and mast


    • Weight 1180g // 2.6 lbs
    • Construction: Injected Nylon
    SS Mast


    • This tried and true mast design is hydro dynamically built for a lightweight and smooth cut through the water. The aluminum alloy mast comes equipped with the bolt through collar design for foil to board attachment.
    • It can be mounted to the AK 4-6 board with the purchase of additional hardware.


    • Mast Length: 60cm // 24”
    • Additional Mast Length: 91cm // 36” (Sold Separately)
    • Collar Specs: 12.4cm x 1.35cm // 4.8” x .53”
    • Construction: Anodized Aluminum Alloy


    • Hydrodynamic shape fuselage designed for superior water flow, low resistance and minimal cavitation. It is designed for durability with its fluid alloy construction.


    • Adjustable tail wing location
    • Compatible with existing wings and mast


    • Length: 78cm // 30.7”
    • Weight: 1160g
    • Construction: Anodized Aluminum Alloy

    The most fun on a foil I’ve ever had!

    I’ve been making and riding hydrofoils for over 50 years and this is the most fun on a foil I’ve ever had!

    Mike Murphy  |  Inventor Of Foiling

    Expertly Designed With The Beginner In Mind

    Most User Friendly Product In The Market

    Learning to foil is easy on the WAKEFOIL Original! This foil was designed to be the easiest and most user friendly product in the market. This set up will have you lifted in no time!

    Comparison Chart

    Find Your Foil

    Performance Entry Level High Performance
    Method Towed Surf
    Lift Speed Generates Lift at 8mph and performs best at higher speeds  Generates Lift at 4mph and performs well at both low and high speeds 
    Board Lightweight Flex board designed for easy entry  High density board designed for buoyancy and more efficient pumping 
    Inserts Includes inserts for straps or bindings   Includes inserts for straps  
    Price $1,199.00 $1,699.00