We’ve all dreamt of taking flight without the everyday boundaries of life to keep us grounded (gravity, wheels, physics, the ole ball ‘n’ chain, etc.). Some experience this sensation while snowboarding in chest-deep pow. Others find it free-falling thousands of feet out of planes.

Now with WAKEFOIL®, this feeling is no more than a boat ride away. With this new hydrofoil setup, you will fly high behind any boat type, and in any water and weather conditions. Hydrodynamics meets aerodynamics in the sleek design of the WAKEFOIL®. It allows you to effortlessly cut through the wildest wind chop and slice through the calmest of sheet glass, all while floating you high above the water.

Get ready for the wind in your face, the air under your feet and the incredible, thrilling sensation. Get your WAKEFOIL® today.

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The amount of fun we all had on the SS foil was insane!

Getting on the SS Foil was a completely different feel from anything that I have ever done before. It was refreshing to get on the foil and have such a change on the water. Also, the amount of fun we all had on the SS Foil was insane. Everyone was able to give it a try and enjoy that flying-feeling on the water!

Meagan Ethell  |  Pro Wakeboarder

What I love most about this new board is that it’s multifunctional.

Doesn’t matter what the conditions are like, it’s always a blast! What I love most about this new board is that it’s multifunctional, it rides so much better than any other board I’ve ridden with a foil attached to it but I can also take the mast off, attach a set of fins to it and I’ve got an amazing wakesurf to ride!

Shawn Watson  |  Pro Wakeboarder

Learn how to fly this summer!

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I love my new Surf Series foil setup!

I love my new Surf Series foil setup because it is the perfect blend between performance with enough stability to learn and a board shape that lets you paddle out into the ocean.

Austin Keen  |  Pro Wakesurfer

Rider-friendly for both beginners and advanced rippers!

The whole concept behind foiling is having a smooth, mellow ride, and the SS Foil gives you just that. It’s not as hypersensitive as other foils, so it’s rider-friendly for both beginners and advanced rippers and delivers a super cruisy feel. Not to mention, it looks just as good as it rides. The SS is foiling how it should be!

Alexa Score  |  Pro Wakeboarder


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